I'm Joosep Volk, a creative director & motion designer based in Tallinn, Estonia.

Above all, I like to make things move to tell a story or solve a problem. To do that freely and create an environment where I could trust and develop my creative vision, I built and led an award-winning animation studio called TOLM for 14 years. Now, with all the acquired experience, I'm diving head first into freelancing.

Into the deep end, I take my love for monochrome palettes, unexplainable fondness of bold colors, clean design, dots and spheres, and abstract compositions bound tightly to the sound of voice and music, or metronome click.

I'm an experienced motion designer with the patience to conquer creative challenges. I can work on my own or within a team. An ideal project is one I can both learn from and contribute creatively. In the past, I've taken on almost every task in the production pipeline - from idea creation, and art direction to final execution.

I spend my spare time playing in a band or directing low-budget music videos for my friends. But as a father and a husband, I also enjoy simple family time that grounds and inspires me.

During my travels, I study rooms and open spaces with curiosity, looking past people, and focusing on the world they have created instead. To document that, I also take photos every couple of minutes.


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2 x gold at ADC*Europe Design Awards '15 & '19
Bronze at ADC*Europe Design Awards '22
Gold at European Design Awards '19
Estonian Designer of the Year '16